volhard's puppy aptitude test scores

Social Attraction | 3

Following | 3

Restraint | 3

Social Dominance | 3

Elevation Dominance | 4

Retrieving | 1

Touch Sensitivity | 3

Sound Sensitivity | 5

Sight Sensitivity | 3

Stability | 2

Interpretation of Test Scores:

Dustin scored mostly 3s and would be good for the average owner, preferrably one who may have some experience owning a dog. He can be a high-energy dog and may need lots of exercise. He would generally be good with people, other animals, and children. He will need to have structure and follow a consistent schedule at his new home. He will need training but he will do very well at it and learn quickly. Dustin scored well with Touch Sensitivity but consistent brushing and nail trimming is still highly encouraged. The more he's exposed to these grooming practices, the more he will become desensitized.  Also, ensure that when you go to the vet, bring treats so that you can reinforce that positive experience of being handled by strangers.  Dustin scored a 1 for Retrieving. His initial reacton when the crumbled up paper was tossed in front of him was that he walked up to it, pick it up with his mouth, started playing with it, then ran away with it. After the test, we tossed the ball of paper again to see what he would do and he was able to retrieve it. Dustin may need more encouragement and motivation during training. Look into using high value treats in areas of training where he may struggle. During the test, Dustin appeared to be relaxed and confident. He was wagging his tail a lot and initiated play several times. 

Other Observations: 

From what we've observed over the weeks, Dustin is playful and social. He plays well with other dogs and looks for attention from people. He likes playing on the swing and wrestling around with other pups. When we introduced our cat to him, he was eager and curious, but when our cat started initiating play with him he back off, and wanted his space. He wasn't entirely ready yet, which is normal. Introducing a puppy to another pet or another animal should be a gradual process and should not be forced. Dustin is willing and friendly but may need some time adjusting to new situations.  It is important to respect his boundaries and to continue postively reinforcing good behaviors during training and socialization. With the right training, love, care, and socialization, there is no doubt Dustin can be a well rounded dog someday.

dustin's medical history

On May 23, 2023, Dustin was examined by a veterinarian and found to be in good health with no murmurs, no umbilical hernias, or cleft palates. Both testicles descended.

Microchipped | Dewormed

Last Distemper/Parvo: May 22, 2023

Next Booster Due: June 12, 2023