volhard's puppy aptitude test scores

Social Attraction | 3

Following | 3

Restraint | 5

Social Dominance | 3

Elevation Dominance | 3

Retrieving | 6

Touch Sensitivity | 1

Sound Sensitivity | 4

Sight Sensitivity | 3

Stability | 2

Interpretation of Test Scores:

Eleven scored mostly 3s. She would be good for the average home, whether first time or second time dog owner. She can be a high-energy dog and may need lots of exercise. She would generally be good with people, other animals,  children, and elderly. She will need to have structure and follow a consistent schedule at her new home. She will need training but she will do very well at it and learn quickly. She was impressively tolerable to the Touch Sensitivity test but consistent brushing and nail trimming is still encouraged so she can continue to grow accustomed to the sensation and feeling of being touched under the paws. Use treats or lick mats to reinforce the positive experience especially when trimming nails or handling her paws. The more she's exposed to these grooming practices, the more she will become desensitized.  Also, ensure that when you go to the vet, bring treats so that you can reinforce that positive experience of being handled by strangers.  During the test, Eleven seemed calm and almost non-reactive. She did not cry or whine during the test but remained composed while still wagging her tail. During the Restraint test, she was gently held down with no struggle which shows her submissive tendency. When the crumpled up paper was tossed in front of her, she look at it but remained in place. To us, this could be a good thing as her sense of prey drive is low but it may be challenging to encourage her during training, or it may not. High value treats should be utilized with training. 

Our Observations:

From what we've observed over the weeks, Eleven is playful but seems less energetic as the others. She plays well with other dogs and looks for attention from people. With her submissive and calm demeanor, she may be good for a family that has a less active lifestyle. This does not mean she should be limited in her socialization, exercises, and mental stimulation. But, she may be content with a stable life with an average level of activity. She would make a loving and loyal companion pet someday.

Eleven's medical history

On May 23, 2023, Eleven was examined by a veterinarian and found to be in good health with no murmurs, no umbilical hernias, or cleft palates. 

Microchipped | Dewormed

Last Distemper/Parvo: May 22, 2023

Next Booster Due: June 12, 2023