volhard's puppy aptitude test scores

Social Attraction | 3

Following | 3

Restraint | 3

Social Dominance | 4

Elevation Dominance | 3

Retrieving | 4

Touch Sensitivity | 6

Sound Sensitivity | 3

Sight Sensitivity | 5

Stability | 2

Interpretation of Test Scores:

Will scored mostly 3s and 4s with 3s being the highest. Will would be good for the average owner, whether first time or second time. He can be a high-energy dog and may need lots of exercise. He would generally be good with people, other animals, and children. He will need to have structure and follow a consistent schedule at his new home. He will need training but he will do very well at it and learn quickly. Consistent brushing and nail trimming will be important for Will as he needs to grow accustomed to the sensation and feeling of being touched under the paws. Use treats or lick mats to reinforce the positive experience especially when trimming nails or handling his paws. The more he's exposed to these grooming practices, the more he will become desensitized.  Also, ensure that when you go to the vet, bring treats so that you can reinforce that positive experience of being handled by strangers.  Will scored a 5 on the Sight Sensitivity where we jerked a bandana across the floor in front of him. For his initial reaction, he hid behind the tester. But this part of the test immediately followed the Sound Sensitivity test where we banged a ladel against a metal pot, creating a loud noise. It's not unusual for a puppy to be a little spooked after that, especially when in a strange room he's never been before. After the entire test was complete and Will was feeling more comfortable, we tried the Sight Sensitivity test again by jerking the bandana across the floor, and this time, he was chasing after it and ready to play. With the result of his first reaction and how he reacted the second time we performed the test, we can gauge that Will may need some time warming up to new situations and new places. Positive reinforcement is essential in his training. For the Stability test where we opened an umbrella in front of him, he flinched but walked to the umbrella and smelled it cautiously before climbing inside of it. His response for this test is opposite of what he scored for the Sight  Sensitivity. He showed curiousity and confidence in this situation. Will seemed relaxed during the test and his tail was constantly waggin, although there were some parts where he was startled,  he didn't appear fearful, just cautious. He didn't whine, bark, or cry. 

Other Observations:

From what we've observed over the weeks, Will is playful but does not seem overly energetic. He plays well with other dogs and looks for attention from people. There have been a few times where he walked up to us and sat down in front of us so we can pet him. We did notice that when Will didn't like being in a situation, he would try to leave. He seems mostly confident but continued socializaton and desensitization prior to 16 weeks old is a must to ensure Will keeps building that confidence . He has strong social attraction and will rely on his owner to help him through stressful situations. With the right training, love, care, and socialization, there is no doubt Will can be a well rounded dog someday. 

will's medical history

On May 23, 2023, Will was examined by a veterinarian and found to be in good health with no murmurs, no umbilical hernias, or cleft palates. Both testicles descended.

Microchipped | Dewormed

Last Distemper/Parvo: May 22, 2023

Next Booster Due: June 12, 2023