alaric's health history

On May 23, 2023, Alaric was examined by a veterinarian and found to be in good health with no murmurs, no umbilical hernias, or cleft palates. One testicle palpable at time of exam at 6 weeks old but vet was not concerned. Recheck at next vet appointment. Testicles can take up to 6 months to descend. If testicle does not descend, neuter at 2 years old as planned.

Microchipped | Dewormed

Last Distemper/Parvo: May 22, 2023

Next Booster Due: June 12, 2023

volhard's puppy aptitude test scores

Social Attraction | 3

Following | 3

Restraint | 2

Social Dominance | 4

Elevation Dominance | 4

Retrieving | 4

Touch Sensitivity | 5

Sound Sensitivity | 3

Sight Sensitivity | 3

Stability | 2

Interpretation of Test Scores:

Alaric scored mostly 3s and 4s with 3s being the highest. Alaric would be good for the average owner, whether first time or second time. He can be a high-energy dog and may need lots of exercise. He would generally be good with people, other animals, and children. He will need to have structure and follow a consistent schedule at his new home. He will need training but he will do very well at it and learn quickly. Consistent brushing and nail trimming will be important for Alaric as he needs to grow accustomed to the sensation and feeling of being touched under the paws. Use treats or lick mats to reinforce the positive experience especially when trimming nails or handling his paws. The more he's exposed to these grooming practices, the more he will become desensitized.  Also, ensure that when you go to the vet, bring treats so that you can reinforce that positive experience of being handled by strangers.  Alaric may need some time warming up to new situations and new places. Positive reinforcement is essential in his training. For the Stability test where we opened an umbrella in front of him, he flinched but walked to the umbrella and smelled it cautiously before climbing inside of it. Alaric seems like a confident puppy that just needs more exposure and continued socialization. Alaric was very lively and full of energy during the test and his tail did not stop wagging. He was thrilled to be in the room and although you could see a hint of nervousness in his demeanor, that did not deter him. Alaric did score a 2 for Restraint where he struggled, settled, and struggled again while being gently held down. He was very excited to be in the room and just wanted to get up and play. 

Other Observations:

From what we've observed over the weeks, he is very playful, enjoys playing with other pups, but also knows how to entertain himself. He loves playing on the saucer swing. He would run and jump on the swing, giving it momentum, then he would lie down on it and enjoy the swaying motion.  He also loves attention from people and loves being around them. He would bark at you when he's excited or when he wants you to pick him up and take him away. That barking would be something you may need to control. Alaric would do best with a family that lives an active lifestyle where he can exhaust his energy outdoors doing various exercises and activities (not just walking). Alaric will be a very fun dog to live with if he's properly trained. He loves being center of attention and being around people. With loving and dedicated owners, he can be a well rounded dog someday.