Frequently Asked Questions

Question: When is Gotcha Day?

Answer: Gotcha Day typically falls on the day puppies turn 8 weeks old.

Question: How much do your puppies cost?

Answer: Our prices range between $2700-3500 plus 7.975% tax, depending on the litter and if registration papers are included or not.

Question: Do we get to choose our own puppy?

Answer: Families choose their puppies on Gotcha Day (Pick Up Day) with our assistance. Over the course of 8 weeks, we carefully evaluate the puppies' temperaments through their daily interactions and  also by the Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test that we do at 7 weeks old. We assist families in making their decision in choosing the most suitable puppies for their particular lifestyles. We will not allow to go to a home if we do not feel the match is suitable

Question: How are appointments scheduled on Gotcha Day?

Answer: Appointments are scheduled according to your place in pick of the litter. First picks for both genders are the first appointments, usually at 9AM, followed by second picks at 10AM, third picks at 11AM, and so on. We may sometimes hold the last pick litter spots  for each gender open until after families have chosen their puppies. Once we know which pups are left, we will begin finding suitable homes for them. This is to ensure that the last pups are not placed in homes that are not the right fit.

Question: Do you allow visits?

Answer: The only actual visit happens on Gotcha Day. Since our dogs and puppies live in the home with our family and children, we take extra pre-caution for bio-security reasons and for general safety. We can arrange FaceTime appointments where we can give you a virtual tour of our home and you'll also find numerous videos of our set up on our social media platforms.

Question: Can you deliver a puppy?

Answer: Yes, we can deliver a puppy by car if the distance is reasonable to us. We charge $1.25 per mile for one way only. There is also a $25 handling fee. We can also provide airport delivery via flight nanny to most states in the U.S. We do not ship cargo. You will cover the cost of airfare for nanny, cost of fare for puppy for the one way (approx. $100-$125), and the nanny fee (prices vary  but to give you an idea, it can be around $100 to $600+ depending on location and length of travel time).

Question: Do you offer boarding?

Answer: Yes, but because we have to keep our home safe from any canine pathogens that could be accidentally brought into our home which could put our current and/or future puppies at risk, we only offer boarding for puppies that have not left our care. If you have reserved a puppy but are not able to pick up your pup on the designated pick up date, you may reschedule your pick up date but boarding fees will apply. Boarding fees must be prepaid. Our current boarding fees are as follows:

Overnight Boarding: $45/night*

Full Day Boarding: $30 (pick up by 6:00PM)

Half Day Boarding: $15 (pick up by noon)

7.975% service tax will apply

*$5 is added to the nightly rate at the beginning of each new week of boarding, starting at week 9. 

Question: What will the puppy be going home with?

Answer: Shot and deworming record, vet exam notes, microchip info, and a puppy pack. The puppy pack will include a small bag of Purina Pro Plan Puppy food  (4-6 lbs) and a couple of gift items. 

Question: Do you sell a puppy with breeding rights or full AKC registration?

Answer: No, we do not. Our contract has a no breeding and spay/neuter requirement at 2 years old. 

Question: Will the puppies be AKC registered?

Answer: Our dogs are AKC registered but puppies will either go home without registration (companion or family dogs only) or with limited registration. Price will vary depending on the litter. 

Question: How often will the puppy eat at 8 weeks?

Answer: At 8 weeks, they are still eating 3x a day - 7AM, 1PM, and 7PM. You can begin the transition to  feeding 2x a day once you start using treats/kibble for training. 

Question: How often do 8 week old puppies need to potty?

Answer: Typically every 2 hours but much sooner after food and water. Pups usually go potty shortly after eating and even sooner after drinking water. Pups would do a double-poos and mulitple pees before finally settling down. It usually takes about an hour (sometimes 2) for puppy to fully potty after having food and water. Keep track of their potty breaks as this will be important to know while crate training and house breaking. Consistency is key. Puppies thrive on consistent schedules.