A $500 holding fee is required to reserve a puppy from a litter. It is NOT refundable but it is transferable to a future litter. The holding fee can be paid via Zelle or check by mail (check must be cleared by our bank before a puppy can be reserved). The $500 will be applied towards the CURRENT puppy purchase price of the litter you will be getting a puppy from. Remaining balance of the purchase price, including sales tax, will be due on the day the litter turns 6-weeks old. You may elect to pay off the remaining balance via Zelle or check by mail but full payment must be received by the puppies' 6-week mark. The holding fee is forfeited if unused after 2 years from date of payment

We reserve the right to the first pick of both genders of the litter. We may hold the first pick spot(s) until we make our final decision. 


We have two lists that go in order: A Master List and a Waiting List. Our Master List is almost always open for new applications. Our Waiting List will be open on occasion.


To get on our Master List, read the sales agreement and submit a completed puppy application. Your responses on the application will be reviewed then we will reach out to you via email or text. Upon approval of your application, you will be required to submit $500 as the holding fee. This holding fee is credited towards the current purchase price of a puppy. Being on this list gives you priority as you have committed to getting a puppy from us. The $500 payment is not refundable but is is transferrable to a future litter as long as you get a puppy from us within two years from date of payment; otherwise, the $500 is forfeited.

When we have a litter and your turn comes up in line, we will ask you if you'd like to get a puppy from the current litter or wait for a future litter. You can wait up to two years from initial date of payment but keep in mind that the price of a puppy is subject to change. If you choose to get a puppy from the current litter, you will simply let us know and confirm your final decision on gender by the litter's 2-week mark. Once we hear from you of your final decision, we will reserve your litter spot. At the litter's 6-week mark is when the purchase price, less the prepaid $500 holding fee, is due. 


*The only time we will refund the holding fee is if we discontinue our program before you have a chance to get a puppy or if we do not have any puppies within the 2 years from when you paid your holding fee. 



To get on our Waiting List, read the sales agreement and submit a completed puppy application. You will be required to submit a $250 partial holding fee upon approval of your application. We understand that circumstances change so this partial holding fee is fully refundable within one year from date of payment. After one year, the partial holding fee is forfeited. 

When your turn comes up on the Waiting List and you decide to proceed with the litter, you will be required to pay an additional $250 to complete the $500 holding fee. Once the $500 holding fee is paid in full, it is no longer refundable but it is transferable to a future litter as long as it is within 2 years from payment date.


You will get a receipt or confirmation for every payment you make. A contract will be finalized at the litter's 6-week mark after the full purchase price of puppy, plus sales tax, has been paid. Contract will be sent to your email for you to DocuSign. We offer a 1 year health guarantee. 


Gotcha Day is the day you bring your puppy home. Appointment times for Gotcha Day typically start at 9:00AM for first picks, 10:00AM for second picks, and so on. Note that since puppy pick up is held outdoors, we may have to bump up appointment times to 8:00AM to try to beat the heat in the summer or push down appointment times to start at 10:00AM in the winter to avoid the cold and fog, so please plan accordingly. 


You will get to choose your own puppy, with our assistance, as long as your place in pick allows it. We will not allow a puppy to go to a home if we don't see it fit. We will know after we temperament test at 7-weeks if there is a puppy that requires a special home, and if needed, we will make adjustments accordingly with the last pick reservation. 


A request to rollover or transfer the holding fee and/or purchase price and sales tax to a future litter must be made at least 72-hours from the designated appointment date and time on Gotcha Day to avoid a late fee. Requests received within the 72-hours will incur a late fee of $150 that will be deducted from the balance to rollover. Once a rollover request is received and late fee deducted, the original contract is voided. If you are rolling over to a future litter, you will be subject to the current puppy price of the litter you will actually get a puppy from (e.g., If you rolled over $2500 from last litter but price for next litter is $3000, you will be required to pay the difference at the future litter's 6-week mark).


If you are simply running late to your Gotcha Day appointment time and need to reschedule to a different time on the same day, there is no fee if puppy is picked up prior to 6:00PM but you will need to coordinate with us your new arrival time so that it doesn't interfere with the other appointments. You may lose your place in pick if you are delayed unless you decide to choose virtually at your original appointment time. 

If you are unable to pick up your puppy on Gotcha Day on the designated date and need to reschedule your appointment to a different day, you may request boarding and a rescheduling of your Gotcha Day. All boarding requests should be made by the 6-week mark before the contract is signed. This request is subject to our availability and discretion and is not guaranteed. Any boarding requests made after the 6-week mark will incur a $50 late request fee. An additional $100 will be added for a request received under 72-hours from Gotcha Day. For bio-security reasons, we only board puppies that have never been removed from our care. All boarding fees must be paid via Zelle prior to boarding. 

Boarding fees are as follows:

Note: Other fees, such as cost of required vaccination and/or deworming may apply. 


We may be able to deliver a puppy by car if the distance is reasonable. Car delivery fee is $1.50 per mile plus a $35 handling fee. Boarding fees may apply if the delivery day is after Gotcha Day. A delivery request is subject to our availability and should be made on the 6-week mark to avoid a $50 late request fee. An additional $100 will be added for a request received under 72-hours from Gotcha Day. Delivery fees must be paid via Zelle the same day it is requested and approved.

We may be able to provide airport to airport delivery within the United States. You will responsible for the cost of plane fare for the flight nanny, fare for the puppy ($100-$150), and the nanny fee (depending on destination). Contact us for more info.