Talia, or Tony, as we like to call her is very loving and affectionate. She is confident, loyal, and loves to be center of attention. She is a fierce tail-wagger when she's excited and loves getting her coat brushed. She likes playing fetch with the other dogs but she has a different style of play where instead of retrieving the ball, she would get the ball, taunt you with it, and when you try to approach her, she would run away so you can chase after her. She is playful when she wants to be but is generally a very mellow dog who likes to snuggle up with you whenever she gets the chance.  She is an amazing mama to her puppies and also to other puppies that are not hers. The other mamas can count on her when they need a little helping paw.

Eyes: Normal | Advanced Cardiac: Normal | Elbows: Normal | Hips: Good


Khloe is cool, calm, and collected. She is very chill and a total homebody, but when it's time to play, she's the life of the party. Khloe loves playing fetch, but like Tony's play style, she likes being chased. She is really good at running away and dodging from your grasp. She would get really excited when you're about to throw the ball that she would bark and move around in a circle. She just can't wait for you to throw it so she can steal it away. Khloe loves treats and loves being around her humans but prefers to sleep on her comfy bed rather than on the floor at your feet. She is a great mama and is very patient with her puppies. 

Eyes: Normal | Advanced Cardiac: Normal | Elbows: Normal | Hips: Fair


Bree  is a very sweet, friendly, and athletic.  She is excellent at retrieving and is currently the Fetch Champion in our household. She is quick and agile with an impressive stamina. She loves the traditional game of fetch where she would retrieve the ball and bring it right back to you to throw it again, and again, and again. And after a very long game of fetch, she likes to cool down by taking a dip in her kiddie pool or whatever bowl or puddle of water she can find. She is a true water baby.  Despite her atheticism and playfulness, Bree is a fairly quiet dog who is adaptable to her environment. She likes attention but doesn't care to be the center of it. She is an amazing mama who enjoys playing with her pups and is a natural at caring for them.

Eyes: Normal | Advanced Cardiac: Normal | Elbows: G1| Hips: Good


Riley is sweet, affectionate, and sporty. Like Bree, she is an avid fetcher and is the Runner-Up in our household. Riley is a bit of both worlds: Mellow and submissive in the home but loud and steadfast during outdoor play. She gets along great with other dogs and is a joy to have in our home. She likes being close to her humans but loves cuddling up in her comfy bed. She is also a water baby and loves cooling off in water after a long game of fetch. She hasn't had pups yet but we don't doubt that she will make an incredible mama someday. 

Eyes: Normal | Advanced Cardiac: Normal | Elbows: Normal | Hips: Good


Hope is beautiful, curious, and lively. She loves going out, exploring, and sticking her head out the window during car rides. She gets the slight case of the FOMO and doesn’t want to be left out on all the fun and is adamant about letting us know she wants to be involved. She is quite the character. But although she is full of life, her playing style is a little different from her peers. She’s not into fetch and has a low prey drive. Occasionally, she will (mildly) rough house with her best friend Bullet. She likes to be out and about with the crowd but would rather do her own thing. She joined our family the day Russia invaded her home country, Ukraine, hence the name Hope. We are very lucky to have such a spirited dog whose lineage comes from a long line of conformation champions.    

Eyes: Normal | Advanced Cardiac: Normal | P-Elbows: Normal | P-Hips: Good | PennHip: 0.48/0.43


Storm is a fun, loving dog. She is as sweet as can be and is eager to please. She is affectionate and submissive and likes to stick by her humans. She is a big foodie and lives for treats, and boy does she love chewing on bully sticks! When she likes something or is really excited she makes this low grumble - that’s when you know she’s really happy. She doesn’t care for fetch and she prefers being with humans than other dogs. Storm is a gem who also comes from a line of health tested conformation champs. 

Eyes: Normal | Advanced Cardiac: Normal | P-Elbows: Normal | P-Hips: Good | PennHip: 0.50/0.48